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Marc Fernandez awarded the Julia Polak European Doctorate Award

Dr. Mark Fernandez, has been awarded the Julia Polak European Doctorate Award 2021 of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) to be presented at the General Assembly of the next ESB conference to be held from 5-9 September 2021 in Porto. Candidates nominated for the award needed to demonstrate that they have received high standard research education and training at a European level in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering and that they are also able to produce scientific results deserving recognition by being published and accepted in high-quality journals and conferences. Dr Manus Biggs supervised Dr Fernandez's doctoral research that focussed on developing a synthetic fibrous scaffold to promote tendon repair. The technology developed was specifically designed to address the biological, mechanical and adhesions issues in rotator cuff tendon repair and used electrospinning to generate a highly structured and porous scaffold made from an inert synthetic polymer.


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