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Dr Manus Biggs Guest Edits a Special Issue on Advanced Materials Solutions to Engineering the Neural

The development of novel bioactive chemistries, and physicochemical modification strategies of implantable therapeutic/regenerative neural devices is recognised as a viable strategy to promote stability, integration and regeneration in situ. New avenues in neuroprosthetic design have come on-line from a recent focus on novel biomaterials strategies to develop innovative biocompatible materials that mimic neural tissue characteristics, cause minimal inflammation and neuronal cell loss, and which are chronically stable in vivo. This special issue comprises 13 Feature Articles and 10 original research papers, with a focus on current developments and ongoing challenges in neuroprosthetic design, and an emphasis on biomaterials approaches to engineering the neural interface. This focused edition will cover a broad spectrum of ongoing approaches to addressing the challenges of neural interface design in neural stimulation, recording and regeneration, ranging from the development of electrically conducting polymer formulations, thin-film coating technologies, to hydrogel delivery systems.

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