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Best Poster Presentation Award at Gliwice Scientific Meeting for Daria Wieclawska!

Daria Wieclawska, an undergraduate student from the Silesian University of Technology, joined The Biggs Lab as an visiting student for summer training. Together with Malgorzata Skorupa, she was involved in research focused on the design of low impedance neural electrode coatings with enhanced tissue integration. Her poster entitled “Gold nanoparticles/PEDOT:PSS layered composites as biologically active coatings for neural devices” was awarded the Best Poster at the Gliwice Scientific Meeting, an annual event of international scope organized jointly by the Center of Oncology in Gliwice, Poland, together with the Silesian University of Technology. The conference topics covered recent advances in molecular biology, biotechnology, genetics and bioinformatics, ranging from basic studies to clinical applications.

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