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Dr Biggs to Chair a Proposed Special Symposium on Translatable Bioelectronics at the Upcoming Europe

This focused symposium will be co-chaired by Dr Rylie Green (Imperial College London) and will cover a broad spectrum of ongoing biomaterials approaches to addressing the challenges of functional bioelectronics with a focus on biomaterials developments in electrical neuromodulation, and stable recording from excitable tissues, biochemical and biophysical sensing, electric field induced tissue regeneration and the development of closed-loop enabled devices. The program will consist of 2 keynote speakers (30 minutes each) and 2 speakers selected from submitted abstract (15 minutes each) with keynote speakers alternating with speaker presentations. The chairs will make efforts to ensure that the major advances in emerging key research areas are represented sufficiently to provide a timely overview of the most recent breakthroughs in biomaterials approaches to bioelectronics.

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