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New Paper by James Britton on a Green Biosensor

Biosensor technologies are of great interest for applications in wearable electronics, soft robotics and implantable biomedical devices. To accelerate the adoption of electronics for chronic recording of physiological parameters in health and disease, there is a demand for biocompatible, conductive & flexible materials that can integrate with various tissues while remaining biologically inert. In this paper, we describe the development and characterisation of an electronic ink made from an environmentally sustainable copolymer-ω-pe

ntadecalactone-co-ε-decalactone, (PDL) incorporating silver nanowires (AgNW). PDL nanocomposites were shown to be biocompatible, demonstrated in vitro through the promotion of neural adhesion and prevention of astrocyte activation. An optimised ink formulation was subsequently used to fabricate strain-responsive biosensors with high spatial resolution (sub – 100 µm) using a direct write additive manufacturing process.


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